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Nov 15, 2009 10:00am EST
. >>> president obama landed in china this morning, the third stop of his tour in asia. earlier today he covered ground negotiating a new nuclear agreement with russia. he met the president at an international summit in singapore, wornging to replace the treat country that expires next month. the president said things look good. >> in our first meeting when i traveled at moscow, we arrived an understanding that it made sense for our two countries to begin reducing further our nuclear stockpiles. our negotiators have made excellent progress over the last several months, our goal continues to be to complete the negotiations and to be able to sign a deal before the even of t end of the year. i'm confident that if we work hard and with a sense of uror jenscy about it that we should be able to get that done. >> president obama and the russian leader also talked about iran. obama said that time is running out for tehran to do something about its nuclear program. he said the u.s. and russia will keep pushing iran diplomatic alley and there are other options if that fails. but he didn't offer any detail
Nov 22, 2009 6:00pm EST
is there in politics, the role of the media, and assessing the obama presidency. also, tuesday night, the first state dinner as president obama welcomes the indian prime minister. . . . but i have no way of knowing what the position is. there have been rumors all along here. number one and number two. the focus of the media, seems to me has just been exclusively on the troop number, where as the issue is much broader than that. so that there are going to be many elements i'm sure in this decision. number one, it may include a troop number. but that number may include, if there is troop increase, would include trainers, i assume, people who are enablers. a key part of the troop increase question is what number of combat troops would be involved. and then on top of that you've got the other aspects of the policy in afghanistan. of course, strategy coming first where wl you're going to have a counterinsurgency and counterterrorism strategy. but on top of that all the other leapts of strategy. not just with additional combat troops with the trainers, trainers with army and police, with the equipment issu
Nov 8, 2009 10:00am EST
burgess says he expected the bill to pass after president obama was elected last year. he also said a single gop vote does not make this a bipartisan bill and he expects there to be consequences for democrats at the poles next year. >> many of those 38 or 39 democrats that voted against this bill were looking over their shoulders at the next election i. suspect other people will encounter some anxiety at home in their districts because of their vote on the bill. will we'll see how that plays out. >> president obama was among those keeping a close eye on the house vote on a health care bill. and as elaine quijano reports, the president is sure he'll sign it into the law before the new year. >> this vote is a huge victory for president obama after he made a personal appeal saturday to house democrats on capitol hill to get legislation passed. now being the president in a written statement released shortly after the vote said, "tonight in an historic vote, the house of representatives passed a bill that would finally make real the promise of quality, affordable health care for the amer
Nov 22, 2009 10:00am EST
to the obama administration that they were going to face an afghanistan decision at some point. is there a time limit that has to be made on behalf of the morale of the troops? >> i think the troops are incredible and the troops want the best strategy possible for success. and they don't begrudge this president the time to come up with that strategy and the way to succeed at it any more than they begrudged president bush when he took three months. what our troops deserve is the best thinking and all of the equipment and training that we can give them and a reasonable period to rest after they have been deployed. there have been a huge number of deloiments here. our troops and families are brave and never complain and are entitled to not just the means and tools to succeed and to have the support for their families, but are entitled to the best possible strategy. and the president has taken the time to sort through the complexities of afghanistan so we are on a course with our nato allies to promote success there. >> at this point, the number of weeks into the pakistani campaign into the border
Nov 1, 2009 10:00am EST
is bringing back jobs and investors' confidence. >>> president obama celebrated halloween the same way that many of you might have, greeting trick-or-treaters. some 2000 kids came to the white house with their parents and mr. obama doled out presidential m & ms, dried fruit and butter cookies made by the white house chef. michelle obama wore cat ears and a top with leopard color. later, they held a reception for military families in the white house. >>> two men allegedly involved with a radical islamist group have an extradition hearing in canada tomorrow. they were arrested in windsor, ontario, yesterday morning. a two-year investigation by the fbi alleges they conspired to commit federal crimes. their arrest came days after a shootout with the fbi in detroit. the one killed in that shooting was also arrested in windsor. >>> the number of kids who died from swine flu jumped this month. the cdc says h 1wun at least 11 have died since the spring. the government says children are at high risk for h1n1 and should get vaccinated. as march snow reports, the advice has some parents divided.
Nov 29, 2009 10:00am EST
and the efforts they will put forth their, the obama administration. what did you hear? >> i think they have decided to have a real full-court press in copenhagen. they are sending five cabinet members, including secretary to end five senior officials over their to make the case said, even had the legislation not been enacted yet, the united states is aggressively acting to reduce emissions abroad and at home. >> what would hisol
Nov 29, 2009 6:00pm EST
obama is going to copenhagen to try to get a jump-start to these negotiations. given that the white house has yet to act on climate skhange there's bitter partisan opposition, what kind of inroads do you think the with the can make? >> i think the intent is first to show the united states is very serious about the energy and climate issue, number one. number two, copenhagen, as president rasmussen has said, since congress won't be able to address the energy and climate bill until after copenhagen that it's a framework for all countries -- let me say that he proposed you expect going in, a framework that will say this is our goal, this is going to be towards a lelie binding treaty. we're not going to get there in copenhagen but this is the step we need to take in order to get there. the good news is there's a lot of motion going on and i am encouraged that a lot of countries are beginning to say, considering where we were five years ago and beyond, things are looking very positive. >> mr. secretary, the white house on wednesday also announced that it would offer a 20/20 emissions cut
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7